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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bringing it down a little...

Since I have been just completely tearing it up with my training lately (hopefully you can sense the sarcasm there)... it's time for a step back week.

I know what you're thinking...

You: "Amy... the last month has been all step-back weeks for you.... do you really need another one?"

Me: "I know, I know, you're right... but running 20 miles for the first time in a training session makes my muscles tired. Very Tired. So get off my back, jeez... you blog-reading nazi." (I kid, I kid).

So, yesterday I ran 4 miles, this morning I ran 6 (I'm following Hal's plan for the week after the first 20 miler) tomorrow is 5 I think and then Thursday is 7x hills. Woo hoo. This weekend, I'll try to get in a 12 miler or so and then a good pace run in. Then next week, it's right back up to hardcore mileage and another Striders Training run of 20/21 miles.

Sidebar... I bought the Vampire Weekend cd this weekend... and it's really good. I particularly enjoy "A-Punk" to run to.
Such Preppy looking punks to have a name like Vampire Weekend, no?

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Dana said...

Ya know I'm gonna have some "step back"(more like "step off" since I won't be running at all) weeks myself coming up after my race next week. So I have no reason to crack the whip at ya(as if I could..;-))

You take whatever time you need to get your head back in the game.

I agree that the guys look a little to clean-cut to be named Vampire.