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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Giving up.

I’ve always thought that stay-at-home parents have the hardest jobs in the world. And when I say hardest, I mean hardest in an emotional, psychological and stressful way. And I’ve always thought that physicists, neurologists, and other “-ist” ending careers have the hardest jobs intellectually. But, apparently splitting atoms and operating on human brains is nothing compared to predicting the weather.

Seriously what is the DEAL with predicting the weather? Why is it so effing hard to predict the weather? I’m not asking to know the weather next week or this weekend. Hell, I don’t even care about the weather in 24 hours. The most I ever need to know is 12 hours.

I've complained about the weather before , I know. But, lately, it’s just gotten even more ridiculous. Every newscast you watch has a fancy weather predictor 5000 or a storm tracker 2000xp or some shit. But none of it works. No matter how fancy or expensive or shiny it is, it only gets the weather right probably 2/3 of the time. Can you think of any other job where getting it right 2/3 of the time is acceptable? Think about an air traffic controller… what if we let them get by with only getting their job right 2/3 of the time? Or what about a firefighter? Ohhhh… sorry ma’am, but your house unfortunately fell in our 1/3 of houses that we run out of water for. Better luck next time. It’s unacceptable.

My beef isn’t really that the weather forecasters are wrong so much. It’s more that they spend 50% of their broadcast forecasting the weather (that is rarely accurate), and they don’t just give you general vague forecasts like… partly cloudy around 50 degrees. Noooooo. They use some high-def radar graphics that predict every hour what the weather is going to be. So, I get caught up in it and actually believe that they might actually know what they are talking about.

But here’s the thing… THEY DON’T.

I’m done with trying to pre-plan my runs around the weather forecasts. From now on, I’m going to use the method of waking up and stepping outside to see what the weather is like. I’m done with the Channel 15 Weather Predicator 300XXD.

Maybe I should buy a farmers almanac. Or a treadmill.


Audrey said...

Wow, did you make me laugh. I too get so frustrated with the predictions of this huge storm that never materializes or the prediction of sunshine and then it pours LOL. These storms do not come from nowhere LOL.

Dana said...

I am SO w/ you on this! I usually watch the weather channel or visit the website. But I use it as a guide & not the end-all to be-all until I walk outside.