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Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in Review

Friday night: Dinner at Lime. Tuna and Watermelon. Not the best pre-long run dinner. Decide to move long run to Sunday Morning instead. I'm such a procrastinator.

Saturday morning: Perfect 8 mile run. Weather was awesome, body felt awesome. Good run.

Saturday: Laundry, shopping and spending time with my parents.

Saturday night: Putting together a bookshelf. Preparing a healthy, huge dinner in preparation for my long run the next morning. Steamed salmon, broccoli, squash, brown rice, and a spinach salad. Yum.

Sunday morning: Start my long run at 8am. In a sleeveless top and shorts. The weather was perfect. Beautiful skies, a little on the windy side, but can't complain about the weather. Passed by a rugby tournament a few times. Damn. Rugby guys are H-O-T. Passed by rugby tournament a few more times. Took some new streets and routes and ended up 15 miles. Wasn't the 17 that I had planned for, but still felt like it was a quality run.

Sunday: Cleaned, ran errands, put another bookshelf together.

Sunday night: Dinner at Mellow Mushroom and Wilco concert.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Love your pre-long run meal. I may steal that for some of my meals. You certainly were in "DIY"(do-it-yourself) mode this weekend.