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Monday, March 17, 2008

Debbie Downer...

First of all.. Yes, Happy St. Patricks! It's my favorite holiday!Woo hoo! The above is a picture from last St. Patricks day in which I ran my first 20 miler EVER with April. We put Irish Tats on our calves. Luck of the Irish, baby.

Second of all... I'm depressed. I'm in a running rut. Totally. It feels like I've been training for a marathon since August. And in a way... I kind of have. I mean, I took less than a month off after the Memphis Marathon Debacle. And got right back into this marathon training. What I need is a good long run. I need to accomplish my long run goal and then I'll feel better. It would have happened this weekend, but... it rained all day Saturday, and that just totally threw me off. I'm a planner and when things don't go my way.... I get pissed off. But this lack of achievement makes me feel like a total loser. Uggh. A. Total. Loser.
But, luckily... there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... There is a Nashville Striders training run this weekend. A 20 miler. It starts a mile from my home (at the Country Music Marathon startline) at 6:30 (perfect for me!) and there will be probably close to a hundred people running it (This is TOTALLY a made up estimate, but whatever, it will be a lot). Soooo.... I'm going to do it. It's the perfect opportunity to get back on the training horse, so to speak. And quit being a lame ass when it comes to my long runs.
Until then... I'm going to sulk and cry in the corner about being a lame marathon trainer who can't run 20 miles anymore. Wah Wah.


April said...

Don't know that a little burnout comes with training and you have been training nonstop for a very long time. I think a long group-run will be just what you need! And after Eugene, take some time off, rest up and run just to run. It's done wonders for me!

Dana said...

I agree w/ April. It's only natural to get a tired of "constantly" being in training for something. You definitely need to take some time off after Eugene & run just for you!