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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signs of being stressed:

Even though I don't really feel like I am. All signs point to being extremely stressed.

1. Trouble waking up in the morning.
2. When you get home from work only wanting to plop down on the couch and watch mindless TV.
3. While sitting on the couch, you constantly need to have your hand in a bag of chips, or a bag of cookies. You're like a bottomless pit.
4. General feelings of unhappiness at random times throughout the day.
5. Prone to extreme emotions at the drop of a hat.

check, check, double check, check, check. Damn. I need to de-stress.

So, this week has been kind slow, running-wise. I took Monday off because of a tweaky hamstring. Tuesday I ran 9 miles and then today I slept in due to the massive monsoon that swept through town. I probably won't run tonight, because I'm just pretty tired and beat after work these days. Instead, I think I'll go to target and spend money instead of eating.

Tomorrow, I have a track workout. Woo hoo. You know how much I love my track workouts. I should probably skip the track and just try to get some distance in, instead. But, I've been running so incredibly slow lately (we're talking over 10 minute miles lately) that I feel like I need the track help.


April said...

You've been killing it this training so one off week is pretty dang good, I think. Target is an excellent know how i loves me some Target. :)

Dana said...

Amy,sorry to hear that you're stressed. Sounds like some retail therapy along a/ track workout may be just what you need..;-)