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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Track this.

Remember when I watched that Prefontaine Movie and then like the next day when I ran by the Vandy Track, I got kind of excited thinking about doing track workouts? Yeah, well, the excitement must have worn off pretty quick, cause I never got around to doing those workouts. Or even thinking about doing them.

However, ole Coach has some interval workouts in our training plan and today was the first day. Today the workout was: 4x800s. Huh? Yeah, exactly. If you know me at all, you know my math skills are a little on the elementary side. (Okay, you're right, let's say pre-school). But, after remembering from high school Physical Education class that it took 4 laps around the track to equal a mile, I figured out that 1 lap around the track is 400 meters. (I know, I know... I impressed myself, too). So, I'd have to do 2 laps (or half a mile) to get 800 meters and I do that 4 times. 4x800. Brilliant!

Ok, great, I've got the distance worked out, now, what about the pace? Coach recommended doing Yasso Repeats. Which is apparently taking your goal marathon time (4:20) and doing the 800s in 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Damn, look at that. Who knew that math and track workouts could be so fun???

Fast Forward to this morning. It was misting rain outside. I read over the training plan again and nowhere in it did he mention how long of a warm up, cool down we were supposed to have. Hmph. I had planned on just running to the track (1.5 miles away), doing my workout and then running back. But, usually coach dictates how long of a warm up and cool down to do. So, I got in my car and drove to the track. Yay.

I was a little anxious because all this week the Vandy ROTC people have been at the track in the mornings. Like a huge group of them. A huge, daunting group. So, I was hoping that the rain would scare them off. Apparently it did, because there wasn't anyone there.

This is how my repeats went: (Thanks Santa for my nifty stop watch!).

1: 4:19
2: 4:11
3: 3:59 (I felt like I was seriously going to throw up after this one)
4: 3:52

Faster than I was supposed to run, huh? Yeah, I mean, it didn't feel all that fast until after the third one and by that time, I was thinking.. aww.. hell, I've only got one more, so I might as well go balls to the wall, right?

All in all I ended up running 3.88 miles (according to my ipod). And it was a workout. Usually after a run, i'm totally fine, but after this one today. I was pretty damn tired.

Tomorrow: Rest day.


April said...

You drove to the track. Nice.

Amy said...

Yeah, I felt kind of dumb, but I would have had almost 7 miles today if I didn't.