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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, I came to work this morning to find an email from Amy. This isn't uncommon, as we usually chat throughout the day, when our schedule or time allows. We typically talk about our runs or our running goals for the week and just whatever else is going on at the time. It's really nice to be able to do this and I look forward to a cheerful...

Good Morning! How are you today?

But this morning was a different story. This morning, my email read:

Dude, you need to blog. If you don't blog today, I will never speak to you again. You are seriously the laziest slacker I have ever met and really don't even deserve my friendship. I am way cooler than you. And faster.

So wow! I knew I had been slipping on posts lately, but dang!! Tell me how you really feel, Amy. But, she's right...It has been awhile since I've been able to post. Work has been pretty hectic, but I need to get my priorities straight, don't I?

Last night, I went out for the 6 mile run that Coach had assigned for us to do. It's pretty much a fact that all weekday running will be done in the dark, whether it's done before or after work. Running in the dark scares me. I always freak myself out because my imagination goes kind of wild. I guess running in the early morning is safer than running after the sun goes down, but since I can't seem to get up and run, I've been doing all my runs at night. At least I've got my pepper spray...although sometimes I wonder if it really I feel like I need to test it on someone to make sure. Any volunteers?

The run last night was really great. I felt light and ran effortlessly for the entire time. You know how sometimes you feel like you can run forever? Well last night was one of those times. I just love it when that happens. Too bad it wasn't my long run day!

Everything was just peachy keen...until I stopped running. When I got back home, I instantly felt like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. My head started throbbing, I felt dizzy, my stomach began to cramp up and my knees...oh my poor knees! They hurt so bad! Since it was dark and rush hour, I felt it was best to stay on the sidewalks during my run. Usually I'll run on the street because it has more give and is easier on my joints. But man, getting hit by a car might have felt better than I did last night because that concrete sidewalk was not my friend.

It was all just really strange. But the good news is that it only lasted 10 minutes or so and I was able to do a little ab work and some stretching to finish out the workout.
The knee pain did remind me that I haven't been taking my glucosamine pills lately. Those are vital to my staying injury-free!

We've got a track workout tomorrow...should be interesting.


Amy said...

I'm glad my threats carry a big stick. Which reminds me... we used to have a big stick inside joke. Something about Teddy Roosevelt and Ms. Searfoss.. hmmm.. you have any recollection of that?

April said...

Hmmmm...vaguely...but wow...havent thought of ms. searfoss in a very long time! Is she still at Beech?
I do remember the big stick guy at Moss Wright Park...but that was only last year. Do you miss him?

Amy said...

Yeah, I think it was a project, because I remember drawing a cheesy picture with Teddy Roosevelt in the shape of a big stick or something... something about his foreign policy at the time... obviously the project worked, huh? We totally remember.

Ohhhh big stick guy. No, I don't miss him, he was creepy. My friendly neighborhood panhandlers aren't creepy. They don't carry big sticks.

We should totally just carry on conversations in the comments section.