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Monday, January 28, 2008

This is how I run...

2nd Edition: In the freezing cold.

So, we did it for the summer… now it’s time to do it for the winter.

In the summer, it’s all about showing leg and staying cool. In the winter, it’s about maintaining that perfect body temperature of warm and toasty, but not too warm where you sweat 4 gallons under the 15 layers of clothing…

Here we go:

1. Underarmour Cold Gear Tights. These tights are badass. I don’t know what kind of technology goes into these, but they are amazing. I’m convinced that like in 10 years there is going to be a report that finds out that for every one of these amazingly warm tights produced, one fish of a rare breed is mysteriously killed and has as a result become extinct. I’m convinced of this, and yet, I don’t care. Don’t take my underarmour cold gear tights away from me. Particularly since they cost a boatload.

2. Earmuffs: I just got these for Christmas. They are some kind of special, crazy sport brand. They are made especially to stay on while jostling about.

3. Brooks Running Gloves: These are amazing! I love love love love love these gloves. They are lightweight, wind-resistant, have a handy terrycloth inset along the forefingers (perfect for wiping forehead or wiping dripping nose) and they also have a snazzy neon yellow reflective fabric, that tells motorists: Hey, don’t tread on me.

4. Baseball Cap: For whatever reason, it seems like I’m running in the rain more in the winter than in the summer. It sucks. But wearing a baseball cap keeps the rain off your face. Plus, you can support your favorite team at the same time.

5. Windbreaker: Okay, so, this isn’t rain repellent, but I usually wear it when it is raining. It keeps you somewhat dry, at least for a little while. It also works well when it’s windy outside. Torential downpours it doesn’t repel well, but for all those misty, windy runs… it excels.

6. Oversized Sweatshirt: Here’s an admission, folks. I secretly love running in cotton. But, only in certain conditions. Conditions like, I don’t have to ride in a car or stand around in the cold afterwards. Meaning, I can just walk inside my building and peel off the sweat-soaked cotton. I’m a big fan of layer. I wear a wicking, moisture control base layer and then load up with the cotton on top.

7. Longsleeve Cotton Tshirt: For when its really cold, I wear over the base layer and under the sweatshirt, or when it just mildly artic, I wear over the baselayer and that’s it.

8. Longsleeve Baselayer All Season Gear Underarmour top: This is a good baselayer. It keeps me dry and fits snugly. Plus,it makes me feel all svelte. Like, when I strip down to just the baselayers of this top and the leggings, I seriously feel like I’ve lost 10 pounds and my waist looks like Scarlett O’Haras (post baby, though. I could never look as skinny as that bitch pre-baby).

9. Underarmour Long Sleeve Cold Gear Half Zip Top: Damn, I should seriously buy some underarmour stock, huh? This top is a bit of a mystery to me. It is warm, but not quite as warm as my leggings. I think it’s because I bought the large, so it doesn’t cut off circulation like underarmour is supposed to. Still, it’s a good, warm (and stylish) top for those blustery days. You can even zip it all the way up to your chin for that, “I have no neck, but I’m very warm look.”

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April said...

Good list...I've got to do my fav. winter stuff also...