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Monday, August 13, 2007

This is how I run...

1. Torquoise running shirt. It's loose, so it keeps me cool and it has an awesome zipper in the back for gus, keys, etc. 12.99 at Target.
2. Purple Reebok split leg shorts. While April loves to show cleavage while running, I prefer to show leg. Actually, there is just something about the fit of split leg shorts and I love the coolness of the breeze wafting up my thighs. (That sounds weird, doesn't it? Oh well, I'm, not taking it out). I also have another pair of these shorts in Gamecock Garnet. I should take a moment here and mention that NONE of my running clothes match. For instance this morning I wore an orange top and a pink bra. This is the only time in life you see me not caring about fashion. $12.99 TJ Maxx.
3. White Sports Bra (best form brand). This sports bra is the tightest I have and I love it. For some reason I have the hardest time buying sports bras... I'll spend money on tops and shorts, but I always try to cheapen my way out of buying a good sports bras. I'm afraid this is something that bite me in the ass when I'm 45. $12.99 Walmart. (Wow, 12.99 is like the magic number for me).
4. Asics Gel Nimbus 8, in tangerine spice. This is my second pair of this exact shoe (same color and all) and I absolutely love them. I've got 300 miles on this pair, so a new pair is coming (as soon as I get my new dicks coupon). They are cushioned and fit my feet well. I am a forefront striker with high arches and neutral pronation. $119.00 Dick's Sporting Goods.
5. Asics Nimbus Socks. I have 3 pairs of asics socks and love them all, but this is my favorite pair, it has a low profile, but still has a big thick thing in the back that keeps the socks from ever slipping down my heel. Also, they are thin. I must have thin socks. $9.99 Dick's Sporting Goods.
6. Underarmour Visor: This is my solution to eradicating sweatbands (both head and wrist). I used to religiously sport sweatbands until I found out about visors and hats. Now, I wear this visor and it not only protects me from the sun, but it also keeps all the forehead sweat from trickling down my face and driving me crazy during runs. $21.99 Dick's Sporting Goods.
7. C9 Sunglasses. These were the cheapest sport sunglasses that Target had. I'm not really that crazy about the way they look, but they get the job done. $14.99 Target.
8. Ipod Nano. This is the BEST birthday gift I've ever gotten. I have the Nike Sport plug in for it, so it keeps track of my mileage, my pace, my times, my best times, calories burned... it's awesome. Plus it has various people come on and congratulate me whenever I've had a personal record or reached a mileage milestone (that sounds weird). Yeah, I've been congratulated by Lance Armstrong. So, yeah, I'm pretty much an elite runner now. All this while listening to my favorite Jay Z and AC/DC songs and podcasts. $149.99 from Apple (I think thats how much they cost) and the Sport Pack is $29.99 from Target.
9. Hydration Pack: This is new, I've only ran with it once (this past saturday) and it was totally cool. Didn't rub, didn't move around. Stayed in place and was comfortable. Made me feel like an extreme hardcore trail runner. $35.00 Dick's Sporting Goods.
10. Pink 36 oz Water Bottle: I carry a water bottle around with me everywhere. And this is my favorite. I am pick with my water bottles. They must have a spout. I can't be bothered with having to twist the top on and off of a bottle. This one has a pop up straw and a handy little loop so that I can carry it with my finger when I'm carrying a bunch of crap around. $6.99 Target.
11. Ball of Foot Cushions: I insert these little suckers under the insert in my shoes. For some crazy reason, Asics has a HUGE seam down the center of the sole and these ball of foot cushions keep me from feeling that on impact. Being a forefoot striker, these allow me to still run in the asics that I love. $3.99 Dick's Sporting Goods (pack of two sets).
12. Accelerade: I've just started using this. Hoping that it will help my performance and recovery on longer runs. $1.99/ 20 oz bottle Target.
13. Gu Espresso Love: After trying a bunch of brands and flavors of gels, this is my favorite, I'm really stingy with using it though, because I dont really feel like it does anything, but I'll use them on runs longer than 13 miles.
14. Band-Aid Blister Aid: This stuff must have some kind of crazy chemicals in it because it completely dissolves blisters in like 2 days. And, it makes running while you have a blister possible! I usually only get blisters from wearing cute shoes (take for instance, my awesome gold wedges that made a blister on my foot in vegas earlier this year, the same week as a half marathon I was running in!). They are awesome. $5.99 Target.
15. Glucosamine/Chondrontin: I take this everyday with my multi-vitamin. Hopefully it's keeping my joints lubricated and healthy! $9.99 Target .

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April said...

Nice. I forgot about including glucosimine! That's a necessity for me!