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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Race Report: Resolution Run 5k

Question… what were you doing at 8:00am yesterday morning?

I’m betting the answer to that question is one of the following:

1 Passed out in bed, sleeping.
2 Passed out in the bathroom, sleeping.
3 Passed out on someone’s couch.
4 In Jail.
5 Hugging the toilet, lamenting all that cheap champagne.
6 Lying in bed with a pounding headache, lamenting that one damn glass of cheap champagne.

If you were doing something else, I’d really like to know, because I think that’s how the majority of the world spent their mornings yesterday. I know that my regular new years day routine would either be 5 or 6. But, not so yesterday…

At 8am, I was crawling out of bed, getting dressed in my warmest running gear. That’s right folks. I ran a race yesterday morning.

Here’s the story:

It was early. It was cold. It was the Resolution 5k in downtown Nashville. There were around 650 finishers, so, I’m not the only crazy person in Nashville. The field included my mom and her neighbor.

My mom and her neighbor picked me up around 9:10 and we got to the race at 9:15, we got our numbers, chips, and t-shirts and headed back to the car to put it all on and wait. It was about 19 degrees. We got out of the car at 9:50 and started to walk to the start line. At this point, my mom said she was going to hit the porta potties (of course) and her neighbor decided to go as well. I said see ya and headed to the start. I didn’t want to get stuck behind all the walkers and have to weave around to pass everyone for the first mile.

It was a fun race. There was a big hill at the very start and then a big climb over the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge at the finish. I didn’t push myself too hard, but I didn’t lollygag either. It was really windy, which had its effects on certain parts of the course.

I finished with a 26:53 time. That’s 8:41 pace. I’m pretty happy with that, considering I only got about 4 hours of sleep and had lots of adult beverages the night before. I was 7th out of 35 in my age group, so that’s pretty good.

A perfect way to kick off the new year!

Oh, and if you’re wondering…. My mom placed 1st in her age group. Again.

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