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Monday, December 31, 2007

Starting again...

So, it's been 30 days since the Memphis Marathon and it honestly feels like it's been about 3 months. I have been so busy this month, that it didn't take me anytime to get over the disapointment of my finish. Sure, I spent about two days crying at anything and everything. There were the random mood swings and there was the low self-esteem. But, after about 3 days of all that mess, the fog lifted and I went on with my business.

Now, 30 days later. It's time to go at it again. Yes, that's right. Marathon training started today! We are officially 18 weeks away from Eugene and Mr. Hal Higdon scheduled me to run 3 miles this morning. But, I already had to tinker with the schedule some, you see, I'm running a 5k tomorrow, so, I had to flip-flop today and tomorrow in the training schedule. Tomorrow was supposed to be 5 miles. So, I ran 5 miles today and will run 3 miles tomorrow. Fun. See... following a training schedule isn't that bad.

I don't really feel like I'm at a point now to make goals for this marathon, but... what the hell, I'm going to anyway.

My goal is to finish the Eugene Marathon in 4:20. Ha ha. Yeah, get your mind out of the gutter, jeez. A 4:20 marathon time would put my average pace at 9:55/mile. Which, I feel like should be doable with some serious training. I mean, I ran the first half of the Memphis in 2:07. So, that's pretty much right on track.

This is it... no more pussyfooting around. Serious marathon training only from this moment forward (well, at least for the first few weeks, right?) :)

Happy New Year!

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