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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


There is a running blog that I read pretty regularly called Boston Dreams and Michelin Stars. One of my favorite parts of the blog is his monthly recap of running, racing and cross-training. Seems like a fun take a sort of get excited...I've decided to post my own numbers for 2007!!
But first a quick recap of the year:

The Good Stuff
*Running my first marathon and realizing that I'd been bitten by the bug! It's a good addiction to have...
*Running over 15 local races of all different lengths...5ks to Half-marathons...and since this was my first time to run most of these distances, I got tons of PRs! Isn't it great how that works?
*Got to long-distance/virtually/E-train with my best friend through blogging, running logs and email encouragements!
*Built up quite a nice running wardrobe. Who says you can't be fashionable while running?
*Getting my Polar running it!
*Experiencing the camaraderie between runners.

*Tore the ligaments around my ankle, sidelining me for a good 2.5 months. At least it was a football injury...that's kind of cool, I guess...unless you hear the specific details, but we won't go into that...I'll just remain cool in your mind.
*Thinking that I was going to die for the first 10 miles of the Frostbite Half-Marathon. Really.
*Not hitting the 1,000 mile point due to injury (but not due to all the days of slacking).

And now for 2007 by the numbers:
Total Miles: 925
Hours of Weights: 14
Hours of Abwork: 10
Hours of Pilate's: 14
Hours of Spinning: 10
Hours on the Elliptical: 7
Hours in the Pool: 1.5 (this is very sad)

So I feel like that's pretty good. My 2008 resolutions are to do more strength training and Pilate's as well as hill work, tempo and interval runs. And since Hal's advanced training plan incorporates hill work, tempo and interval runs, I think I just might get it done.

Training officially began on Monday and so far so ankle is feeling alright and I'm set to hit the hills this afternoon! Woop Woop!


Amy said...

10 hours of ab work? Holy crap, that sounds like a lot!!!!

Speaking of abwork, I attempted some of those workouts in runners world last night... some of them are... interesting.

Anyway... yay!! a great 2007!! I can't wait for a better 2008!

Lance P. Martin said...


Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words. Blogging, like running, takes on a life of its own and despite its encroachment on my time, I can't remember what life was like before them. Those monthly summaries were the smartest move I made last year. It made it very easy to summarize the year. Good luck in 2008.