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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shower Run...

So, in case you've missed the memo.... i'm pretty hardcore about running.

I decided to not really take too much time off after the marathon. I mean, it is the holiday season, afterall and that means pigging out on sweets and high calorie foods, right? I need all the cardio I can get! So, I took a couple of days off, Sunday and Monday of last week and then got back into it. I ran 4 days last week and my body felt really good.

This week, so far, I've woken up 3 mornings to the pitterpatter of rain on my metal balcony. But, since I'm so hardcore, and I dont generally like to take 3 rest days in a week. This morning, I got up and soldiered on. When I started, it wasn't raining, it was just really damp. And after about 30 seconds of carefully dodging puddles, I landed my right foot smack dab in the middle of a puddle about 3 inches deep. Hardcore? Yes. Graceful? No.

I only saw one other runner out there this morning (a fellow hardcore one), he passed me around mile 3 or so. Strangely enough, at one point, he stopped (in the rain) to ask some guys with a huge sign that something like "Vanderbilt is unfair" or something crappy like that, to ask them what the sign was about. Automatic 5 point hardcore runner deduction for stopping during a run to conversate crazy protesters. Sorry man, that's lame.

Turns out that it really didn't matter though, because it started raining on me about mile in and didn't stop the whole time. It wasn't a cats and dogs kind of rain, more like just a constant misting shower. I wore a baseball cap, so it wasn't a big deal. I ran 5 miles just under 9 minutes per mile. So, I was really happy about that. The good thing about my crappy marathon is that it didn't really beat my body up too bad. So, I feel like I'm in great condition to start up marathon training again in a few weeks.

This morning's rain run started off pretty crappy, but by the end, I felt awesome, I even contemplated sneaking in a couple of extra miles and being just a little late to work today. These are the types of runs that make you hop out of bed instead of hit snooze.

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