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Monday, December 17, 2007

A Runner's Christmas Wish List by Amy

So, it's December 17 and even though I have yet to purchase one christmas gift for my friends and family, I have taken the time to comb the internet for a christmas wish list for me (priorities, right?). The celebration of the birth of our Lord is the perfect opportunity to finally get that $25 pair of socks that you've had your eye on but haven't been able to justify purchasing for yourself. I mean, seriously... $25 for a pair of socks?? Yeah, that's nuts.

Alright, let the shopping begin!

Asics Gel Nimbus 9: Some people have kids, others have dogs, cats, or fish, but I have my Gel Nimbus'. They are my baby (babies?). I love these shoes. Of course, I have to wear one of the most expensive pairs of running shoes out there. That's how I roll... with expensive, flashy running shoes. Since I go through shoes every 3-4 months I could use about.... 4 pairs of these to get me through next year?

Retail: Dicks Sporting Goods, $120.

Nike Women's Training Shorts: I know without a doubt that these shorts would make me run a full minute faster and also ensure that my beloved gamecocks play in the SEC Championship game in 2008. I need these shorts. BAD. These are nike running shorts in gamecock colors of Garnet and Black and they have the cute little block C in the corner. So next fall on gamedays, I can represent my school and still look cute and stylish while logging a 15 mile run. Little known fact: I have the fight song on my ipod! Go Gamecocks!

Retail: $ 35.

Women's Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek 50/100 Watch: My current stop watch cost about $7.97 at Wal-Mart and while the stopwatch function works just fine, it doesn't hold split times. I need something more sophisticated these days. This holds and recalls 50 lap times. And it's pretty cute and stylish while still be sporty. Extra credit, there.

Retail: probably anywhere they sell timex watches, but Amazon has it for $37.45 and free shipping.

TNI Energy Race Belt: This is a must have. It's a belt that holds your gear. I know what you're thinking. But, it's not a fanny pack, I promise. It's a cool triathlon belt. It has a mesh pouch for keys, etc and then also loops to hold gel packs. Great for marathoning or triathloning.

Retail: Any local Triathlon store or online at Tri-Zone . $ 9.95

Asics Winter Run Cap: So, I've got my summer under armour visor. Now I just need a winter running cap. This one is cool, because its got the ear flaps. Honestly, I need one that covers my nose, because it gets really cold, but... looking like a bank robber running in the streets, isn't exactly a great idea.

Retail: Anywhere Asic apparel is sold. $25.00Sony Ear Clips: I do love my Jay-Z and my Kanye. And it's hard to find headphones that stay in your ears while you run. These are the best I've found. I could use a couple extra pairs of these because they go out after about 4 months or so.

Retail: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart $ 9.95

5 lb free weights: I have this really annoying Kathy Smith video that I do for strength training and the only size weights I have are 8 pounds. Which is way too heavy for some of the exercises. Particularly the shoulder reps. So, some 5 pounders are just what I need.

Retail: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart: $15-20Resistance Band: I have the resistance band that has the handles on the end, but this is just a piece of stretchy rubber. My new Shape Magazine has Lauren Conrad on the cover and inside it has a bunch of exercises that she does and she uses this rubber thing for a lot of those exercises and I'd like to try them. Usually when I see exercises in a magazine, I can never understand from the pictures or the explanations how to perform them, but these look doable. Oh and I'm a Hills junkie, so, of course I want to do the exercises she does.
Nike Tempo Track Shorts: My favorite running shorts. I would like any color combination for these shorts. They are light and fit well.

Retail: Dicks Sporting Goods, $28.00

So, there you have it folks. Of course there are things like underarmour cold gear leggings that I could always use an extra pair of, and cute matching nike outfits (for marathons, not for 5ks, of course).

Now, if anyone has a list of things that my friends and family want for Christmas. I'll be all done with Christmas shopping!

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April said...

Ooooh...good list! I like the belt! And I didnt know you were a Hills fan...and I'm not sure how I feel about that.