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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So, apparently my Runner's Christmas Wish List Paid off:

New Running Outfit: Nike Tempo Track Shorts in garnet (with pink accent trim) and a white, pink, and garnet bra top.

Timex Ironman Watch: In a snazzy purple color.

Black Earmuffs: I've already worn these 3 times. They stay on without any problems.

3lb Free Weights: So, apparently Santa thought that the 5 lbers were too heavy, and he left me with 3 lbers. Which is fine. At least I'll be able to do all my shoulder reps with these.

I definitely had a Merry Christmas!


April said...

So I'm thinking that your trademark might be pink! Aren't all your new running clothes pink these days?
I love the purple watch:)

jess said...

Awesome. Running gear is so fun! I recently purchased a pair of running tights which I LOVE. But, since I can't run (effing stress fracture) and it's been summer weather in Nashville... yeah. Does this comment make sense? There was a lot of red wine involved last night.