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Friday, November 9, 2007

Random musings from runs this week...

… I had an unexpected tempo run on Wednesday morning. I was running through an intersection and a girl cut the corner and darted in front of me. Now, initially, she was running pretty slow, so I started to the left to come up and pass her. Well, she turned around and looked at me and then basically broke into a sprint. I thought, okay… she wants to run and maintain 7 minute miles, go for it. So I moved back to the right and settled in behind her. Well, she didn’t keep up her fast pace, but she kept looking behind and seeing me. It’s like she would rather strain a muscle or die than have me pass her. Which, I just don’t understand… I mean, EVERYONE runs at different paces, who cares if you run 7 minute miles and I run 9 minute miles. It shouldn’t be an ego thing… it’s not a race, it’s a freaking Wednesday morning maintenance run. So, I did what any self-respecting runner would do…. I drafted her for a good mile/mile and a half. That’s right, I ran right on her tail, just slow enough not to be right behind her, but fast enough to be really pushing her. I was loving it. Eventually, she crossed the street to run on the opposite of the street, and for a second, I considered following her, just to piss her off… but, I didn’t… I’m a nice person, deep down inside.

… I now have to watch for flying newspapers… That’s right, this morning I was about 2 seconds away from being beheaded by a flying wall street journal. And I thought that cars were the most dangerous threats on my morning runs.

Tomorrow: 20 miler.

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April said...

HaHa. I love it! And good luck tomorrow!!!