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Friday, November 9, 2007

100 rotations

This morning was my ankle follow-up appointment and I learned that everything seems to be healing nicely! So yay for that!
I no longer have to walk on crutches, which is a huge plus cause my arms were getting very sore, but I still have to wear the boot. The only problem with that is that unless I get a moon-boot to wear on the other foot, I will start to develop pain in my right hip and knee from the unevenness of the two shoes. That's what happened last time.
The ligaments, he said, are healing, but everything is weak from not being used for a few weeks. I have some exercises that I'm to do to work on strengthening my ankle.
The main one, that I have to do 3-4 times a day, is to take hold of my foot and roll it around, making as large of circles as I can and then switch and go the other direction. It is really painful to do this and right now I can't even really do two of them.
But here is the good news: When I get to 20 rotations, each way, I can downsize to a smaller ankle support AND when I can do 50 each way, I can (probably) run!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
I'd better get to rotating!!

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Amy said...

Wow, you better get at it! :)Thats great that everything is healing well!