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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Product Review: Breakstone's Lowfat Cottage Cheese

Every now and then, I get a craving for cottage cheese. It doesn't happen often though, and that's why I love these snack size servings! Usually, when I buy cottage cheese, I eat one serving out of the big container and the rest goes bad. And I hate wasting food.
These are good and they are just about the right size to hit the spot. They are "small curd" and that took some getting used to. I think the regular, large curd is a little better and creamier, but this is worth it just for the snackability. Plus its a good alternative to yogurt when you need a break from that.
Oh, and the best part? They are only 90 calories each!


Amy said...

Hmm... I cant get into cottage cheese except when its in lasagna :) or on buttery crackers.

There's a running joke in my family about cottage cheese.... one of my dads good friends used to always say..."cottage cheese makes you fat" to women at the country club that he saw eating cottage cheese and so the woman would say... "really? why do you say that?" and he'd reply "well, I only see fat women eating it."

April said...

Ha. Sounds like a nice guy!