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Thursday, November 1, 2007

One Month to Go

Well, here I am... exactly one month away from my next marathon. The St. Jude Memphis Marathon is December 1st. And boy, do I still have a lot of training left to do. More than seems normal, so that prompted me to do some comparison research... comparing my training for Country Music Marathon and my training thus far for this marathon.

So far this time, My longest runs have been:

And I've got these long runs planned to do in this last month:
18? (I may only do 15 here, just depends)

Earlier this year, exactly one month out from my marathon my longest runs were:

And I had these long runs left in the last month:

So, this should be interesting. I ran the bulk of my long runs in the Country Music Marathon before the last month. Whereas this time around, I'm running the bulk of my long runs in this last month.

I feel like this time around I've been a lot more consistent with my weekly regular runs and I hope that that makes a difference with this marathon. I cant believe I basically tapered for a whole month last time. I'm only planning on tapering 9 days this time.

I've got a lot of running left to do this month!

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