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Monday, October 15, 2007

Race Report: Oktoberfest 5k

Saturday morning my mom and woke up early and headed down to Germantown for a 5k.

Apparently, you mix cool temperatures and beer together and you get a HUGE race. There were 800+ finishers. We were standing in line at the Porta Potties (ummm... there were only 2. For 800+ people. Yeah, it was a long line) when the gun went off, and 2 minutes later, by the time we made it to the start line, people were still crossing it. Thank God for the chip invention!

So, since we were lumped in the back with the walkers, strollers, kids, old people, etc... we had to do a lot of weaving in order to run at a reasonable pace. It was a really neat run though. We both had great finishing times (which could have possibly been better if miles 2 & 3 had been noted during the race). The craziest thing though... you run INSIDE for like .10 of a mile. Yes, INSIDE the farmers market. Which, was cool, but also a little annoying, because its narrow, so it was kind of hard to pass people, it was warmer, and it was through the food court, so the smells weren't that great. But, still... how often do you run part of a race course indoors??? Nuts.

I finished 22 out of 99 people in my age group with a chip time of 26:36 which is 8:35/mile. I was happy with that. My goal was to finish under 27 minutes and I did that with time to spare. Very happy.

Afterwards, we got our beer steins, our free beer and walked around the vendors for awhile. It was a nice morning. Too bad we had to leave early to get my mom home for my dad's car show, because....

SHE PLACED AGAIN! She's 2 for 2, now. Last time, she came in 3rd and this time she came in 2nd out of 10!!!! How awesome is that? Her time was 27:29 which is 8:52/mile.

It's official. We can't leave any race before the awards when she is running.

Beer Stein!
Beer stein, tshirt and fake drinking of the beer stein.
Me and my beer stein.

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