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Friday, October 12, 2007

Make a new plan, Stan...

So, I'm taking Mr. Simon's advice and I've made a plan...

It's weird. I like to plan things. No, make that LOVE to plan things.

I love to plan trips
I'll spend hours and hours doing research planning a trip. Trying to find the best deals, trying to research hotels, etc.

Hell, I even love making marathon training plans

Man, you gotta love excel spreadsheets.

But, after all the exciting planning, organizing, researching is done... I'm usually less excited about following the plan or going on the trip than I was actually planning it. Obviously, I'm always excited about trips, etc... but when the planning part is over and all I can do is wait till the trip comes, I feel let down that the planning phase is over.

As far as training goes, I'm a little different. Once I've mastered my excel spreadsheet, printed it out, shown it off, I usually tuck it away in my desk drawer never to pull it out again until I'm looking for a client phone number or something.

So, I like to plan things... I don't necessarily like to follow through with them. But this time... I have to.

So here it is... My Long Run Plan for Marathon #2 (aka Here I come Boston).

Oct 13-14 15 miles
Oct 20-21 17 miles
Oct 27-28 18 miles
Nov 3-4 13-15 miles
Nov 10-11 20 miles
Nov 17-18 13.1 miles
Nov 22 18 miles

This plan is firm, very firm.

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