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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life and Running

So, I know I've been pretty lax lately with my running posts. But, I'm kind of at the point in my training where I'm on set on cruise control. I've done a much better job (so far) this time around of incorporating running into my life, instead of it becoming the other way around.

When I trained earlier this year, I scheduled my day around running. Particularly on the weekend. And I think part of that was due to the time of year that I was training. It was cold, the weather was unpredictable and I'd wake up at 8:00 am on a Saturday, turn the weather channel and proceed to watch it for the next hour, trying to plan my run based on the best time to run (the warmest, least wind, etc). Often, that time would end up being noon. I'd bundle up, head out the door, and get started in my run, only to wuss out in the brisk winds and start the whole process the next day. And in so doing, ruining my whole weekend trying to plan for a long run.

This time, the weather is ok, I just wake up and run and then it's over with. It's amazing and it's encouraging. You can have a life and be a distance runner.

This morning was the coolest morning so far. When I started running it was 51 degrees and the sky was so clear and beautiful, I had to watch myself to make sure I didnt trip in the darkness while I looked up at the sky trying to pick out constellations. It was the perfect morning for a little tempo run. It's hard to do tempo runs when you've got someone else running with you. Ideally, I'd like my tempo runs to be around 8:30/mile. But, I was happy to get 8:50 miles in with my mom this morning.

I think that fall is finally here, which is good, because I need to be running faster and longer. Hopefully this weather will give me a boost!

Tomorrow is a rest day and this weekend I've got a 15 miler. (It's about time!).

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