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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rest Day

My legs had been good and sore for over a week. Originally I was going to run everyday until Friday and use that as my day off, but I decided to go ahead and give myself a little break yesterday instead. I think it was a good decision since most of the soreness seems to be gone. So this evening's workout will be a speed workout...and obviously I need to be working on that.

I don't want any hills so I'm going to the indoor track at the gym. The plan is to do 4 x 800...the 800s will be done at faster than marathon pace and I'll slowly jog 400 meters between them.
And then since I'll be at the gym already, I guess I should do a little weight work too.
Man, I used to be so good at incorporating weights and cross-training, but lately it seems like a chore. Guess I've gotta work back into the routine slowly...

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