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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Road Race Series 2007-10k #2

This race sucked. I take full responsibility though, since I hadn't run in...oh...2 weeks prior to the race. It was muggy and I was slow. I even had to walk a few times during the race. I couldn't even imagine how I had managed to run a full marathon just 5 months earlier. And I really didn't even remember why I liked running at all. It was so not fun.
I just felt zapped of all energy. Blah.

And I think I agree with you, Amy. 10k races are kind of miserable...A relatively short distance, but too long at the same time. Very perplexing. I think its because its hard to gauge the pace at which you should run. The good news is that the 10ks are behind me and its on to the 10 milers!!!

Now the 10 miler has been intimidating me since the beginning...It will be held at Shelby-Meeman State Park, which I have never been to. I have, however, heard that the course is HILLY and HARD. I also keep hearing the phrase, "surviving the switchbacks." Hmmmm...its the word "surviving" that I get hung up on...

I have not run a 10 miler in quite some time, but it is on the schedule for my Saturday long-run so I think that getting one behind me will help.

Today is day 3 of training and I'm feeling good. I'm already feeling back into the training groove...tonight I've got an easy 3 miler and then I'm going to take a core ball class at the gym. Maybe do some stretching, maybe Bed Bath & Beyond. I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time. Whoa...sorry! I've been living with a movie quote geek for a 2 years now and sometimes its hard to keep things like that from slipping out. quads are feeling tight from the hill workout yesterday.
Tomorrow calls for a tempo run
Friday is a REST DAY
Saturday is a 5 mile pace run
And then I'll do my 10 miles on Sunday.

A good first week, I'd say, closing with close to 30 miles.

Actually I forgot to mention that there was one good thing about Sunday's race...we got our shirts! Most people got their shirts at the previous race, but they ran out of my size and had some more on back order.

I heard that news after waiting in line in the pouring down rain for 20 minutes behind these really tall and European looking ultra marathoners and triathletes. Man! Talk about feeling like the laziest, slack-ass bum on the Earth, listening to those guys' conversation. So anyway, as you can imagine, I was not too thrilled. But it ended up being totally worth it cause the new shirts were way cooler than the first batch. Well actually they were exactly the same, but the colors were just different. The first ones were red and gray (boring), but I got a yellow and red one. Ooooohhh....Ahhhhhh....

I know. Its awesome. Here i am, holding my awesome new (Brooks, sleeveless, moisture wicking athletic fabric) race shirt.

I'm so proud!


Amy said...

Wow! thats an awesome shirt!!! I'm jealous!!

Amy said...

by the way... nice pic of you, too! I like the hair!!