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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Pain in the Butt, Literally...

I fall. A lot. I fall when I'm sober, when I'm tipsy, when I'm walking, when I'm running.

I fell Saturday after the game... I mean, I had walked down like 15,000 wet, slick steps in my flip flops and when I finally get to the actual floor of the stadium, I slip and fall right on my caboose. In a skirt. In a puddle of water. In front of a bunch of Tiger fans.

So, I mentioned earlier this week, that on Monday morning I fell. I missed the last step coming down off the porch and fell flat on my left knee and hand. Hard. On concrete. And my left quad had been hurting ever since. At first I didnt even think of the fall, but now, I think it must have had something to do with it, because I never had any quad soreness previous to the fall. It was really painful going down steps, I even iced it on Tuesday night.

This morning, I wake up and it feels totally fine! Yippee!!

It had rained some this morning and the streets were a little slick. While looping around the school, I noticed a raised piece of pavement and my foot hitting it in the wrong way, immediately I knew I was going to fall... but instead of just falling flat on my face, I tried to save myself. I teetered for about 7 seconds (seriously, it was a long time) before finally losing my balance and landing right smack dab on my right flank. Ouch. (It would have been hilarious to watch).

I got up and finished, but now, everytime I sit down, I've got some major soreness there. There is definitely going to be a bruise there (not a visible bruise, because my skin doesnt change colors luckily when I bruise). Well, that's not the only problem. Now, my left hip is hurting whenever I sit or stand. Probably has something to do with the impact of hitting my booty/thigh on the pavement... maybe it jarred my opposite hip somehow.

Jeez. This is one thing that I didn't miss when taking the summer off from training... injuries and soreness.

Hopefully, I've met my "fall quota" for at least the rest of the week.

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April said...

Jeez Amy, I didnt realize you were so clumsy!:) But seriously...I'm sorry you're so banged up right now!