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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Hill Workout and a Sweet Tooth

Yesterday I said that I was going to do my hill workout tomorrow after work because I wanted to go to Shelby Farms and tackle the steep hill there, but then I remembered that I have a class tonight at Viking Cooking School.

Yep, after tonight I will be a master baker! My husband and I got gift cards to Viking for Christmas, which we used a few months ago for the Japanese-Style Restaurant class. It was awesome! (although we still haven't made the dishes at home yet) And whats great is that we had some Viking bucks leftover!

I have quite the sweet tooth, which makes the fact that I am a horrible baker, very misfortune. But tonight, all that will change! We will be learning the basics while we make chocolate cake, angel food cake and cheesecake. Sounds like dinner to me!
So its a good thing I worked my butt off this morning during my hill workout. You can work off calories in advance, right?

It's actually better that I did the hills on my morning, neighborhood route because they are closer to the suggested distance, which is .25 of a mile. There are two that I think are perfect....long hills which aren't too steep, but just steep enough to give it all I've got to sprint up them.
The one I chose this morning, I discovered, was exactly a quarter mile. I did some warm up miles and then hit the hills. Honestly, I felt slow, but my watch said I did them at a 6:15 pace. It was hard to sprint the whole thing...its like I gave it all I had and ran out of steam, but I still had a ways to go. UGH! But I guess its that last little bit that makes you stronger, isn't it?
I finished up with a couple more cool down miles.

And Amy-I made your Santa Fe soup last night. Wow, was it good and just what I had been craving! I stuffed myself full with 2 bowls and then even had a few more bites right before bed even after I brushed my teeth!
Oh, I am so bad!

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Amy said...

Ohhhh I'm so jealous about your baking class! I was going to take that class in October, but I decided that I need to save my money right now!!! I'll just have to get you to teach me all that stuff! :)

Awesome job on the hill workouts, I'm thinking of doing on wed or thursday afternoon.

Woo hoo, I'm glad you liked the soup!!