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Monday, September 3, 2007

Getting Focused and Ready

Not too long ago, I picked up Dr. Jack Daniel's book, Daniels' Running Formula.

It's chock-full of scientific calculations and it really gets into the technical side of running. I am very intrigued and interested in learning how to become a better runner by using his methods. After all, he is the World's Best Running Coach (says so right there on the front of his book).

I even went out and bought my Polar running computer (that sounds so much cooler than just saying heart rate monitor). My plan was to read his book, do his speed training schedule and then move on to his marathon training schedule. However, I have now changed my mind.

While I do want to eventually complete the book and give it some thought as to how it can work in my life, I just don't think that I'm ready to do that quite yet.
For the last marathon training, we just ran. Of course, we built up our mileage and completed weekly long runs, but we didn't really focus on speed. But now, as we have our sights on Boston, we must have a more intricate and elaborate plan.

Amy says that I am the more technical runner of the two of us, as I like to follow a training schedule that has been studied and proven by someone smarter than me. Amy is smart enough to do all that herself:)
And I guess I agree...I like to do workouts using target heart rate zones and all that, but I've decided that going from my previous plan to Jack Daniel's plan would be too big of a step up. At this point of my running career, I need more of a middle ground. Which is why I've decided to seek the help of this guy:

That's Hal Higdon. He's pretty famous in the running world and he's got tons of guides and training schedules for any type of running goals you may have. He's also an artist! No really, he sells his masterpieces on his website! Anyway, since I'm not looking to add to my art collection, I'll just use him for his running knowledge. I've looked over his marathon plans and I've decided to go with one of his advanced schedules. They are 18 weeks long and incorporate hills, tempo runs, intervals and long runs without being too complicated and technical.

If anyone who reads this blog has used any of 'Ol Hal's training schedules, I'm always seeking comments and feedback as to how you liked/disliked it!

So if the ING Miami Marathon is on January 27th, that means I've got 3 weeks to go until training officially begins. My goal is to continue building my base as well as continuing to inch up my long runs. The first week of his plan begins with 10 miles as the long run and 26 MPW, not including a day of hills. I guess I'd better be ready. It looks tough!

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Amy said...

I think that's a smart move... Hal Higdon's had a ton of success with his training plans.