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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So, these are a few of my running songs these days...

Drivin Me Wild- Common Feat. Lily Allen: I can't get this song out of my head in general! The video is awesome too... I love me some Common! He's got style and he's hot!
Shipping up to Boston- Dropkick Murphy's: This is like my Boston Anthem. Bagpipes. Yeah, that's right, bagpipes rule.
Stronger- Kanye West: Dude, Kanye may be a total douche bag, but throws some awesome beats.
Dirt off your Shoulders- Jay Z: Ahhhh... I love me some Jay-Z.
Damn Girl- Justin Timberlake: I often pretend that JT is following me on my run singing this song to me.
Everyday I love you Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs: The Kaiser Chiefs have some awesome beats for running... see also:
Ruby- Kaiser Chiefs
We Belong Together - Mariah Carey: Okay, so I admit it, I love Mariah Carey. I've loved her since Dreamlover. And I LOVE this song. When it first came out, I couldn't listen to it... damn you, Brian! But, now I listen and love it and imagine that Wentworth Miller (he's in the video) is that in love with me. (Even though I keep hearing he's gay).
Sunday Morning- No Doubt: Always a classic for me.
Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Paul Simon: This sound makes me feel like I'm a kid running around outside, instead of training for a marathon.
Black (Live Version)- Pearl Jam: I love this song for a couple of reasons, one because it's long and I love long songs when I run and two because its live and you can hear the audience and how into they are. I usually dont like to run to live music, but this song is the exception.
Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine: I put this song on my playlist the night before the marathon and the first time I heard it when running was going into mile 5 at the marathon it is such a great pump you up song. I always think of that moment now when I hear it.
The Seed 2.0- The Roots: I've always liked this song... and its good to run to, too.
In the Meantime: Spacehog: This song reminds me of high school and the beat kind of makes you feel like you are flying through the air.
My Mathematical Mind: Spoon: Great beat.
Yeah!- Usher: Oooooooo this is an awesome song to run to... never leaves my playlist.
A Shot in the Arm: Wilco: It has a build-up type of chorus that is just awesome for running.
Just Got to Be: Black Keys: Ahhhhh the black keys... I listen to a bunch of their songs... great running music.
Hells Bells: AC/DC: If I could listen to only one band while I would likely be AC/DC.


April said...

Good list. I'll be downloading some of these songs as soon as my luck with downloading to MP3 players turns around.
But! I'm against Stronger by Kanye being on your list because it is a DAFT PUNK song. It is good because the ORIGINAL song kicks ass.
I know that most songs come from other songs, but Stronger happens to be my all time #1 running song and although I like Kanye, I am against this mix.

Plus...everyone knows that Wentworth Miller is gay. Isn't it obvious?
Do you really have a crush on him? Ha.

Amy said...

Okay, so I'll d/l the daft punk song and listen to it instead...

Dude.. it's his skin. He has glorious skin and our babies would be beautiful with that skin.

April said...

Daft Punk's song is actually called Harder Better Faster Stronger.

Wow. You used the word "glorious" to describe him. It must be love.