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Friday, August 24, 2007

Treadmillin' it...

Sometimes... running 5.2 miles on a treadmill feels like an eternity. You can't concentrate on anything else, but the revolving band of rubber that you are pounding on. You switch songs on your ipod, mess around with the incline and the speed... and nothing works. It's like the minutes tick by sooooo slow...

And other times.... you can run 6 miles, and feel like you weren't on the treadmill over 20 minutes. Every song that comes on, you pump your fists to, you sing along, you feel strong... Luckily, thats how my run was this morning. The hour flew by and I'm ready and pumped for my 10 miler tomorrow.

The plan is this: Wake up tomorrow at my regular time of 5am. Get up, get dressed and drive over to Moss Wright Park, hopefully getting there by 5:30 and getting on the trail at 5:45. I will run either 10 miles, or 10.4 miles, depending on the route I choose and be done by 7:30. Perfect plan, huh? How awesome will it be to be done with a 10 miler by 7:30 in the morning! Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.

After my 10 miler tomorrow, I will have 34 miles for the week. So, I will rest on Sunday and just do strength training. Yay! A weekend rest day!!!

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