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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Product Review: Dry Shampoo

Hey Ladies... how many times has this happened to you...

You've spent 25 minutes longer on the ellipitical than you had planned for. You have a hot date in 20 minutes with that sexy wealth management advisor that you met at while doing charity work at the children's hospital, and there's no time to wash, dry, and style your hair!

No? Never happened to you? Yeah, my story is usually more like this...

You're too lazy to actually have to wash, dry, and style your hair before work and you've already done the ponytail with a headband look twice this week.

Yeah, now we're talking. Anyway, regardless of your situation, there is a product called Dry Shampoo.
I found myself in situation #2 this morning and remembered that I had bought this stuff awhile back (when I was going to the gym regularly). The directions are to spray on your hair (in a room with good ventilation) and leave on your hair for 2 minutes. Then wipe off with a towel, style and go.

It's supposed to freshen your hair, without the use of water. And while it's not a real replacement for washing your hair with shampoo, it does the trick quite nicely. Definitely masks the oily, sweaty stink that your hair can get after working out (or if you're the partying type, this woud be great to use after a weeknight all nighter on the town). Before I use it, I blow dry my hair for like 2 minutes to give it some body, then I spray the shampoo on, follow the directions and give another quick blast from the blow dryer and then I'm out the door.

Guys are so lucky. They don't have to worry about taking time for styling their hair. Hell, they hop in the shower, wash their hair with bar soap and they're done. They don't even have to wear cologne! Their deodorant is so masculine smelling that squirrels in heat two counties over are dizzy.

But, guys don't get to wear these shoes to work...

Well, I guess they could... but, that's a whole other topic.

Rene Furterer Natura Dry Shampoo found at Sephora... and I think it was about 18 bucks. Worth it. For lazy girls and party girls alike!

Look at that... fresh-looking hair... no would ever know it's not been freshly washed! Unless you say something... and you better keep your mouth shut!


April said...

Wow...I actually had this on my list for the next Sephora didnt happen to read the latest Marie Claire, did you?
Cute shoes!

April said...

Hey, I wanna see how your hair a picture of that!

Amy said...

ok, I posted a pic :)

And no, I didnt read Marie Claire... but, I read a long time ago that bumble & bumble makes some for each hair color type, so that your hair isnt all whitey at first... but I can never find those products, cause they're only sold in shi-shi salons that I dont go to.