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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wow. I am grumpy.

Hi, I'm April. I hate everyone and everything and I don't want to be here:

Scowling at the camera... Give me a break, I woke up 15 minutes before this picture was taken!

Later in the least I look more awake, but man, I have got to start smiling while I run. Hell, I should probably put on some makeup too.
Why can't I be more like this guy?

(cheap trick!)

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Amy said...

!!!!!! That's hilarious!!! I saw a dude wearing a cheap trick tshirt this weekend in gatlinburg and I did the finger thing and yelled it out, and of course, no one understood...

You look fine, but I am cracking up at the non-techie look of your attire. The shirt is a tech shirt, right?? just doesnt look like it in the pic and the millsaps shorts... nice touch. College co-ed.