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Friday, August 3, 2007

Family Style...

Let's be honest. Everyone in my family is sick of hearing me talk about running. Wait a minute... let's make that... everyone in my life besides April and Chad are sick of hearing about my running and/or training. I can't blame them. It's not a particularly exciting thing to hear someone talk about. So, yeah, everyone is sick of hearing about my running.

Everyone except this woman:

That's my mom. And she could/does listen to me talk forever about running. Is it because she is my mom and is proud of me? Possibly. Is it because she too has experienced the running addiction in her life? Most assuredly. My mom is one of the reasons I run. She competed in races when I was younger (even winning some!) and I have vague memories of going to the races as a child. She eventually stopped running and took up golf (ummm.. yeah, thats a natural transition), but she still has the memories of the rush that only running can give you.

So, I grew up watching her in races and she has been to a couple of my races and now... we get to race together! It's all coming full circle, baby.

Yesterday, we met at Moss Wright Park (her old running stomping ground, my current running stomping ground) to run the race course. This was the first time we had ran together. Now, my mom has only been back at running for about a month now and has been typically running anywhere from 2-3.5 miles, so this 4 miler will be a great race for her. It was awesome running with her! We talked a lot about when she used to run, where, with who, etc... the time flew by and I barely noticed that it was scorching 91 degrees outside. She did great! I am so proud of her getting back into running after 20+ years! She was so excited and pumped up last night after we finished... I can't wait to see her tomorrow after the race!

She makes me so proud!

Damn, I keep looking at that piece of cake in front of her in that picture... I'm hungry.

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April said...

Alright! GOOOOO Linda! I love your mom! And it looks like she has good taste in cake, too.

You guys are going to do great this weekend!