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Friday, August 3, 2007


You know you're lucky when the one person at the pool besides you is a scuba diver. You might be wondering why that would be so lucky (unless you are planning on taking up diving as a new hobby.) Well, that fortunate time would be when your husband's wedding ring falls off in an Olympic sized pool. At night. After the outside lights have gone off. Yep, that's right. We've been married a little over two months and he's already lost it. Is that a bad sign?

I saw the guy, but I thought he had an oxygen tank because he had a disability. I'm very perceptive. I mean, he was packing up a bag and walking around and talking to his son and everything. He did not appear to have a need for an oxygen tank, but you never can tell, ya know? But, duh, he's at a pool with all this equipment. And he isn't in a wheelchair. Like I said, I'm very perceptive.

Anyway, before he saved the day, Greg and I did a little amateur diving ourselves. Ok, well that really didn't last very long. I went under one time in the deep-end, and I came back up just as fast because I was freaking out. I thought my nose was bleeding from the pressure. Eight feet is deep, man. Give me a break. Plus it was really dark and scary down there.

And Greg didn't really do any better so I ran into the gym to get someone to turn the lights on the side of the building back on. The girl at the front desk had to put down her cell phone and seemed very irritated with me for interrupting her very important phone call. Ugh. Anyway, she actually started arguing with me, saying that those lights never turn off. Um, I'm pretty sure they do. Because they did. I really don't have time for this.

Finally she called a maintenance guy to come help me. By the time we got back out to the pool, the diver had already put on his equipment, searched the bottom of the pool and FOUND THE RING! Three cheers for Mr. Diver Man!

Oh, and the swimming part was just ok. I was really sloppy and very out of breath and tired. But I was also a little drunk so that probably didn't help the situation.

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Amy said...

Okay, so swimming and diving drunk.. yeah, that sounds about right for a thursday afternoon exercise.

And people say life gets dull after you get married.