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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doubling Up.

Yesterday's rest day was very nice. I didn't even really feel that guilty about it! Well.. okay, so I felt a little guilty, but it will likely be the only rest day of the entire week, and I at least deserve that. Right!! (Not good to start off training with feeling guilty in the very first week!). Right?

This morning I got up and I decided to do a hill/tempo run. I only wanted to run 3-4 miles total, because this afternoon, I am running this weekend's 4 mile race route with my mom so she can scope it out. Basically the only thing I did this morning was run the robinhood hill circle once and then my regular loop on the sidewalks (I usually run the loop more than once).

I have only ran the big hill on robinhood circle once before and I remember it almost killed me. I had to envision that I was summiting Mt. Everest to actually make it up the dang thing running! And today, it was still tough. But, not as grueling as I had remembered. I've also noticed that the hill at Moss Wright isn't giving me as much trouble as it sometimes can. I think the brief hill workouts and the trail running I've done at Percy Warner has really helped with my overall fitness. I like seeing that kind of progress!

So, for tonight, I'm running 4 miles with my mom. I have no idea what pace she runs, so this could be an easy or a tempo run! And then I'm planning on doing my strength training workout video for upper body.

By the way... this weekend is tax free weekend... good time to pick up new running shoes (although mine are over the $100 limit. Uggh) and other running apparel!!

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April said...

Sometimes I don't even notice hills and other times, the same hill will just about kill me! You're going to be logging some good miles today.
OOOOhhhh! Running shoes count as tax-free? I'm getting some too!