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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weeks 1 and 2


Sadly, I don't have a good excuse like Bob and Linda.

How's it going?

Things here are going... okay. 

My strategy is essentially the same strategy I had for my first ever marathon (which I finished! Hooray! But, immediately afterwards, I was like... fuuuuuuck I didn't train properly for that. So... Booo!). That strategy is: Make sure you get your long runs in.

So, last week (officially week 2). I embarked on a 15 miler. I did finish the damn thing, but it was not pretty. 

Let's be honest. I shouldn't be running 15 mile long runs right now. And if it weren't so fucking hot that anything faster than a 9 minute mile is basically impossible, I probably wouldn't even be entertaining training for this marathon in October. But, with the temperature so hot and me so out of shape, I feel like pushing myself to a bad point, just isn't going happen. So, there's my reasoning. Instead, I'm just pushing myself into heat stroke and the possibility of having to walk 6 miles back to my car because I am just done in the middle of a long run.

So, for the record:

Week 1: Long run of 11 miles, total miles for the week: 31
Week 2: Long run 15 miles, total miles for the week: 32

What's the rule of thumb? Don't make your long run more than 25% of your total mileage for the week or some shit? Hahahahahahahahahahahahah.


Oh shit. I'm so dumb.

In other news.... I also have two other marathons on the books for my near future. The Flying Monkey in November and a marathon in Phoenix at the end of February. So... I need to get my ass in gear.

With 6 weeks go, I'm sure it will happen.

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Gracie said...

Er. Don't get hurt (I realize that's rich coming from me).