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Monday, May 9, 2016

In the Meantime

So, I let myself skip runs and sleep in whenever I want for the past two weeks for recovery mode and now I'm ready to get back into something.

I know that my next marathon is going to be the Des Moines Marathon in October. And I am LEGIT running that as a goal race of breaking 4 hours. It's time to get back into half-way decent shape. That's still about 22 weeks away and while, physically, I could definitely use a 22 week marathon training plan. Mentally... I want something a little different.

So, for the next 6 weeks or so, I'm going to focus on doing some fun speedwork. Ideally, I'd love to target a 5K at the end of the 6 weeks. But, 5Ks in the summer are a little hard to come by here in Middle Tennessee and the one I really want to target: The Gay 5K, I have a scheduling conflict with. Soooooo. It looks like I'm just going to do the 6 weeks for fitness sake only.


Actually, I'm looking forward to it. Running in the summer always turns into a slogfest, because I usually just focus on getting the miles in. But, I'm hoping that with having specific workouts planned, I can stay mentally excited.

So, it starts this week! I'll recap the weeks at the end of each week to let you know what I did. It's going to be a little interesting this first week, to figure out just where I need to start, but, I'm going to use the McMillan Calculator with my last 5K time (from back in March) to get my paces.

Here we go!


Judy said...

June 25th - 5k Doughboy in downtown Murfreesboro, relatively flat and sometimes shaded - the last kick is slightly downhill which is a plus. They provide a huge goody bag of Pillsbury snack foods. You get your race fee back in snack food. :) The crowd is fairly small as well.

Gracie said...

Yeah, summer. The humidity hit here, and my 5k time soared full 12 seconds per mile (eek). Then we had a surprisingly cool weekend, and I start running 7:06 for 15 miles. I makes a huge difference. If you want to slog it out, more power to ya!

Carina said...

DSM is on my short list for the fall, you might have just moved it up in the rankings! (I'm also looking at KC, Quad Cities, and Columbus.)