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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Consumer Reports

Semi-Running Related things that I'm loving these days:

Huma Energy Gels

I am happy to report that energy gels are back in my life. I LOVE these gels. They have chia seeds which make up their consistency and the fruit flavors taste just like pureed fruit (strawberry, blueberry, and lemonade are my favorites. I still haven't tried mango yet, even though it's my favorite fruit). They taste natural and clean and they don't have the chemical aftertaste that you get after downing a Gu. I've used them in 2-3 marathons and on training runs and have yet to experience any GI distress from them. WIN.

Nike Vomeros

If they are good enough for Marky Mark, they're good enough for me, dammit. No, seriously, I know I've been wearing Vomeros for awhile now, but I've finally given up flirting with other shoes (like my previous favorite the ASICS Nimbus) and am just going to faithfully follow the Vomeros. They are cushioned and light and they last a pretty good while. Nike may not be the "hip" running company and there may be 4 year old children in Guatemala sewing these shoes together, but, they are officially MY shoe now. 

Hamilton Soundtrack

Okay. I HATE musicals. Hate them, hate them, hate them. EXCEPT when I become obsessed with them. Like when I became obsessed with the Broadway version of Evita when I was in middle school and listened to the soundtrack NON-stop (heh) for 3 years. And now, much like Evita (historical), I am obsessed with Hamilton. (This might be the most basic sentence I've ever typed on this blog. WHO ISN'T obsessed with Hamilton??????). But, I love it so much, that I've banished myself from listening to it, unless I'm running. It is fantastic running music ("Yorktown" is my favorite running song) and I love listening to it on the treadmill. I also find myself chanting to myself during runs... "I'm not throwing my shot, ya know I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry and I'm not throwing my shot!!!" Inspirational as shit. 

So, there's a few things I'm obsessed with lately. You got anything good to share?

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Carina said...

Chia gu is very counter-intuitive to me. I eat chia seeds in my breakfast smoothie every day (I think you actually introduced me to them), but during a run, I'd expect GI issues. I'll have to give those a try if you're not having issues.