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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lame Update

Liz and I met Sunday morning at Percy Warner and ran from there to Edwin Warner via the Candy Cane, It was a surprisingly fun, different route for us. And the nice thing is that you hit the Nature Center at Edwin Warner for bathroom/water twice.

Neither of us had had much sleep over the weekend, so, we were pretty tired, but we managed to get 17 miles done. It felt good.

I'm slowly starting to feel like my marathon in a few weeks isn't going to be a death march. I'm still not sure that a sub 4:00 is in my future, but I am thinking that I should be capable of a something around a 4:15, which I would be thrilled with. (Considering I ran Mississippi Marathon back in April in just over 5 hours).

I'm looking forward to running the race and seeing where I'm at, physically. I'm also looking forward to working through the summer to build up stamina and endurance and to start incorporating regular trail work.

I'm still undecided about what my goals in the fall will be. I've been toying with the idea of dedicating a training cycle to the Half Marathon Distance again. But, once I get up to marathon shape, it's hard to think about scaling back my long runs a bit.

Oh well. All that to say, I finally feel like my endurance and my speed are each at a place that I can feel good about. Nowhere near where I was a couple of years ago, but at a respectable place for me. I just gotta keep plugging away at it.

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