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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5 Day Reset Success

So, I made it all through last week eating healthy. It was actually pretty easy and I felt fantastic. The goal is to shoot for that pretty much every weekday and then loosen up a bit on the weekends.

It's only Tuesday, but so far so good for this week!

I've got my meal prep for lunches down pat, but I would like to focus on doing some meal prep for dinners, too. Too often, I just want something easy, so, I'll cook some eggs with veggies and call it  meal. Healthy and easy, yes. But, I could definitely do better.

Baby steps.

My running over the weekend, wasn't quite so good. I had wanted to get in a decent 10 miler for a last long run before my race, but.... I didn't.

Thoughts on my upcoming marathon in another post this week...


Carina said...

Nice job. I feel like if I could hold it together for a couple solid weeks, it would make a big difference.

Gracie said...

Great job! I need to crack down one of these days. I am seriously queen of eating all night. It's a problem.