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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When work sucks.

Every few months I go through a phase where I just hate my fucking job. It usually coincides with a client who is being a real pain in the ass or with a huge dump of work all at once. Thankfully, it usually only lasts for a couple of weeks and I spend a lot of my non-working time in those phases engaging in my favorite homophone:


and Whining.
It goes away and I get a new project or a new client and I become reinvigorated. I just assume this is normal. After all, I do get PAID for this. So, it's not like I'm going to love it all the time. But, lately, the the god-awfulness tends to go away in the same amount of time as it always has (the good news), but getting reinvigorated and re-invested in my work is... uhhh... just not happening (the bad news).

The problem with hating your work, is that it takes up at LEAST 40 hours of your life a week. And the spillover for me, is tremendous. I just cannot shake the ennui when I get home. Which is really the problem. Instead of going about my night... running and working out and then cooking dinner and watching a show. All I want to do is lie around on the couch and be mindless.

Which just makes me FEEL worse. It's the domino effect... when one part of your life is shit, it affects the other parts of your life as well.

What I need to be doing is... instead of focusing on the crappy 40 hours a week and letting that rule my mood and life... I should be focused on the GOOD stuff... like... The KoB and my puppy dog and my friends and family. My health and general well being (minus the job hating). BUT OMG THAT IS SO HARD!

I found this picture when I was uploading pics from the weekend.
Apparently Buzzed Amy was very excited about her
Veggie Dog and Zucchini.
It's the small things, which is the point, I suppose.

So... I dunno, I guess this is just a public journal entry to tell myself to GET OVER it. Work is work. What we make of life outside of work is what's important and I am just shortchanging myself when I don't take advantage of that.

How do you keep your work from affecting your life outside of work? Am I missing something? Is there a secret I don't know about?


Gracie said...

I'm lucky that, as a pharmacist, I really don't bring any work home with me. I mean, it's illegal to bring work home with me. But I know what you mean: the mental baggage you carry home to dinner. I am good about not doing that much. if I want to vent, I complain to my husband while making dinner, and I'm usually out of stuff to say by the time we eat.

Carina said...

Having once hated my job, I know exactly what you mean about the bleedover into the rest of your life. I remember you work in a very small family-run business -- is it your family or someone else's? Either way I suppose (easier if it's someone else's family though), could this actually be a good time for a change? If not to another company, maybe you could see about taking on a new responsibility or dumping a problem client on someone else, just to change things up? Or another very good solution ... what about a vacation? A solid week off, just fun, maybe someplace new?
My only other advice -- maybe get some stuff on the calendar? Make plans to meet friends for dinner, or a walk with Leo, or take a ride in the vette under the night sky. Have something to get you out of the house and moving, and preferably with people. Maybe that will be enough to reengage?
Regardless, you'll get through it, the funk will pass (I'm saying this line solely for my own benefit, being in my own funk lately).

Carina said...
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Carina said...

Sorry, double posted my comment!