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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week in Review

So, I missed a day of my weekly goals. I was hoping to run on Sunday evening, but after eating wayyyyy too much Strawberry Cheesecake with my family and getting home kind of late, instead of running I sat on the couch and ate ice cream. So, that evening was a bit of a fail. Oops.

And I wonder why losing weight is a struggle. FFS.

BUT, I did run 4 miles for 3 days and then I survived a long run of the 11.2. It was brutal and I knew it would be. According to my log, I hadn't ran the whole 11.2 route since June 8, 2014. WHAT????? that is insane. But, I am going to be making up for it this summer. I did walk some good bits of it, but, it was a good starting point for the summer and a good base for improvement.

Even though the run was one of the hardest I've had in awhile (both mentally and physically), when I was driving home, I was completely exhilarated. For the first time in a long time I enjoyed the suck. And damn, that felt good. 

The rest of the week/weekend was good. I got to spend time with my Mama on Mother's Day and The Bitches and Sonsabitches got to hang out together on Saturday.

Bitches and SoBs by the river!

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Gracie said...

Just call it a rest day!