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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mind Blown. (Non-running related).

So, last night I stayed over at The KoB's house because he had graciously helped me get my car fixed by his trustworthy mechanic.

After I made dinner and cleaned up after (as a thank you), we settled in to watch some television and relax. The past couple of nights we have actually been watching a DVD about how to rebuild an engine. AND SURPRISINGLY, it doesn't suck. (Normally, he offers up Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal straight to dvd movies, so, I'll take a dry instructional video over that bullshit any day). It was actually pretty easy to turn it into a drinking game, because of the host's heavy usage of the word "persuasion."

Use it in a sentence:

"If the bolt doesn't come out of the crankshaft easily, sometimes you just have to use a little persuasion to get it out."


And apparently, there are LOTS of things that require some persuasion to get them off an old engine.

The set up.
His television is in his "gym."
Please note his "entertainment center."
Also please note my "Tammi Taylor" glass of wine
(that was almost empty!).

Leo was not impressed.
Seriously guys.

Anyway, so, we are watching television and all the sudden I see a mosquito on the wall. I say something about the mosquito and The KoB says.... "that's not a mosquito."

"Sure it is."
"Nope. I don't know what it is, but it's not a mosquito."

I thought he was kidding with me, but I looked it up and he was right. MY ENTIRE LIFE, I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT THESE WERE MOSQUITOES.  I never knew that mosquitoes were actually quite small and dark.

Are you kidding me?
I have avoided these things like the plague my whole life.
These are apparently Crane Flies.

I am still baffled at how I could have been wrong about something like this for 35 years. I blame my parents. Anyway, it's just so weird to think one thing all your life and then find out, that're wrong.

What else am I completely wrong about?


Gracie said...

That is a little unbelievable. Those big bugs you were referring to, however, are known by at least a dozen names, and in one place I lived they were called "dragonflies" which - that is NOT a dragonfly!

Totes Bitch said...

Prepare to have your mind blown again. Those bugs are crane flies or something like that, but they're mostly known as "mosquito eaters" because... they EAT MOSQUITOES!

T. Bitch said...

Um...I just saw where you already knew they were crane flies.

I need a Tammy Taylor pour.

Nikki said...

The line about JC Van Damme & Steven Seagal perfect because my boyfriend always gravitates to those too! What is it with guys and really cheesy action movies? Also, I need to upgrade my wine glasses!