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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Busy Season

My life right now.
Minus the travel and the Japanese.
And the presentations.
And the commute.
You know what.. I just wanted to use this freaking gif.
So, there.

Thankfully, I have somehow managed to be SUPER productive during the days and haven't had too many late nights/weekends quite yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that that continues straight through till April 15. 


Carina said...

I always think about you this time of year. Stay strong! I've had a strangely productive week too, wonder if there's something in the air...

Nikki said...

I second Carina's comment...I think it's the whole Spring Equinox/renewal time that makes everyone start going crazy planning, cleaning, prepping etc. And you never need any excuse to use a great gif like that. Happy Freakin' Friday!!!