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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pants. Pants. Pants. Pants.

It's winter. Which means about 50% of my runs are done with something covering my legs. And for every winter that I've been running, that means one of two looks:

Running Tights: if I'm feeling skinny and have a long enough shirt to wear with them. Which, I have no pictures of. I guess I don't feel skinny enough to wear just tights that often.

Or... the ugly looking... tights with running shorts over them:

 Run Bitch!
Also, after 2 years, I still can't believe Melissa
forgot to wear her Bitch shirt to a Bitch Race.

Well, as you know, this is the Year of Vain Amy, so I am actively trying to shed some weight that was gained late last fall, and that means feeling pretty gross in all of my clothing. Particularly, my running tights that are creating a lovely muffin top with my too-tight-for now running tops.

Last week, I was perusing Running Warehouse's Sale section and came across these pants:

Nike Women's Thermal Pant.

I was intrigued. They are still fitted, but they aren't skin tight.
And, they look decent in the butt, too!

The main selling point for me is that they also come in lengths. So, I was able to get a SHORT length for my petite short ass legs. AND they are currently on sale from Running Warehouse for $48.88 (and use code FB15D for an additional 15% off).

So far, I LOVE THEM. Such a great alternative to tights. I think I'll probably order a couple more pairs and fully retire the shorts over tights look. The best thing is that on REALLY cold days, I'll be able to layer my running tights under these for two layers of warmth.

Anybody else rocking the shorts over tights look? Am I the only one that does that?


Carina said...

I can't bring myself to wear shorts over tights, I don't like that look (I also don't like my fat @ss showing in tights, but I think of it as the lesser of two evils; plus, at my current pace, there's no one slower than me to see my @ss!). Those pants look awesome. How tall are you? I'm thinking petite might be good for me, since I'm 5'5", but not sure how long my legs are (they seem very short).

Gracie said...

I kind of like those pants - sometimes I just don't want to go skin-tight, you know? I also have some running "leggings" that are thinner than tights - incredibly unflattering, but good for not-freezing days.

Amy said...

Carina: I'm 5'4. I think the short would be fine for 5'5. Although, I did order a Medium... so, a small short might be shorter?

Jamie7 said...

I love Athleta for tights. The relay capri/tights have a nice thick waistband, so even at 15 pounds (UGH) above my normal weight I don't have a muffin top! I do have some junk in the trunk, but whatever.

Carina said...

Well, small is not an option, so I may try the medium short. Thanks!

Amy said...

Jamie7: I have heard good things about Athleta tights... I need to give them a try!

Carina: Gurl, I hear ya. Hope you like them!!