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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Progress... Slowly.

The Year of Vain Amy has started off well.

I've been diligently counting my calories, I ran 50 miles last week, and I've been keeping up with my face washing/moisturizing/retin-a-ing. The only thing I didn't do... is lift weights. But, I count banging a crowbar with a hammer while in a squatting position as strength training for the weekend. No, it wasn't a Crossfit exercise, I was helping The KoB pry off parquet flooring that is glued onto concrete at his house.

Any Crossfitters that want to get their 
workout in for free, email me!

Overall, I'm feeling really good and motivated. I'm excited about my running and about 2015 and the races I am planning to do. 

One thing I'm not excited about... is the weather. First, I'm want to complain about how we had like 2 days of sunlight for all of December and I'm also going to complain about the arctic cold that we are currently getting (and going to get).

Like, I honestly don't mind the cold, as long as the sun is shining. But when it's cold and cloudy... I get MEGA bitchy and miserable.

I haven't really been running any workouts lately, so, I don't have any updates for you on that front, but I'm hoping to get back into the routine next week. For the first time in maybe a year, I am really enjoying my running and honestly,  I'm just kinda rolling with it. I took an unintentional break from workouts during the holidays, and I haven't really gotten back into them. BUT, I will. 

So, anyway... not a lot to report over here...


Gracie said...

I should count calories. But then I'd probably have to give up the cake I had for breakfast.

Amy said...

Haha. No way. That's why I like counting calories in order to lose weight, because if I want a piece of cake, I can eat it... I just might have to eat lettuce and tomatoes for the rest of the day. Blarg.

Mmmmmm.... cake.

Dolly said...

50 Miles last week!! Nice considering its freezing where you live. Did you do two long runs over the weekend? I'm always impressed when folks who work full time hit those numbers.

Amy said...

I did 11 miles on Friday and 12 on Sunday, so that definitely padded my week. I was trying to do a long run of 14 on Friday, but I bailed at 11. I also didn't take a day off... so, it's not as impressive as it sounds.