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Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I spent my Thanksgiving with my family at my Uncle's house. And most of my day was spent keeping an eye out for opportunities to hold my Cousin's 1 year old.

The only picture that I got of him. 
Baby bum! Too cute! Little stinker.

Friday I spent putting up my Christmas Tree and helping my mom put up her Christmas Tree. 

The Christmas Tree is seasonal decor.
The dog and the mess are year round.

And Saturday and Sunday, The KoB and I FINISHED painting his house! It was a glorious feeling to throw the last rollers away (well, at least until it's time to tackle the kitchen and bathrooms). We celebrated on Sunday with a gourmet meal...

Nothing says fancy like a meal of cheesy eggs, potato salad,
a half pint of Old Charter, and of course... The Champagne of Beers.
All served on an aluminum fold up table.

And then to top things off... a ride in the Corvette was in order.

That's Mr. Bloom's... "but, I thought I was going to get to drive" face.

It was a great weekend to kick off the holiday season. I'm officially ready for Christmas and Hanukkah now!


Anonymous said...

for those of you watching at home the Old Charter took place after the drive.

Amy said...

That's a good point. How did I forget to include the fact that the corvette was driven to the grocery store to pick up the potato salad and Mr. Bloom escaped out of the car and into the Food Lion parking lot.

Gracie said...

Maybe for my next Thanksgiving I will take a ride in a Corvette. Better go make some Corvette friends fast.