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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 2: ummm.. I dunno?

So, I thought I could use each week to focus on something to get me back into the game. But, uhhh... I'm kind of at a loss for this second week.

Last week was super fun, I ran with The KoB, Liz, and Melissa for at least one run during the week. I love that! I miss that! I miss being able to meet Steve at 5:30am and my ole running buddy Carolyn at 5:00am (or whatever crazy early time we met at). But, I can only do those runs these days if I bring the ole dog with me and he's not good with the whole sustained running thing.

Am I being a complainy, bitch again? Yup.

It is pretty clear to me, that I am not good at making adjustments to my life due to outside circumstances. Now, some might call that being a selfish control freak. I prefer to think of it as... "works well independently".

In any case, I am starting to get excited about being told what to do as far as running goes again. It's pretty clear that just bumbling around on my own isn't getting me anywhere. And as CRAZY as it sounds, I think Marathon Training actually lends itself better to being out of shape, than shorter, quicker distances. Hence, the epic failure of trying to train for the 10 miler race. (Which, is this weekend and I'm most likely not even going to run, because OMG a 10 mile race? CANNOT DO).

So, let's just skip over week 2, shall we? Hopefully next week, I'll have some kind of catchy, thought-provoking theme for week 3.

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