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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gear Review: Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

I know what you're thinking. You are thinking: Amy, you actually bought a SPORTS bra from Victoria's Secret? YUP.

Yes, I spent $56.50 on a sports bra from a women's lingerie company. But, only because the idea of their sports bra was BRILLIANT.

We've talked about sports bras here before. As a reminder, I'm in that average area where I need more than just a tight piece of spandex (like the C9 Bras that I LOVE for yoga), but I don't need to be locked down with a zillion clasps and industrial strength fabric.

So, when I saw this bra, I realized that this bra is what I used to do on my own. It's essentially a racerback bra (with underwire and thin padding) with a sports bra over it. But, all built into one. I wore a racerback bra with a thin spandex bra over it for like 5 years when I first started running. I got the support of the regular bra and the compression of the sports bra. It was fantastic, except, it was also chafe city.

So, I found Moving Comfort's Rebound Racer bra and never looked back. Until this VS bra. I ordered it online, it came and I was really impressed by the quality. Really good fabric and it looked well made (which, I think VS quality has gone downhill in the past 5 years so, I was surprised this was so sturdy looking). I tried it on. The regular bra part fit really tight and felt great! Yay! I was excited. Until I zipped up the outer part and it was like a size too big. So, it wasn't compressing anything down. It was so loose. Big FAIL.

It could have just been a glitch with that one bra. But, at $56.50 a pop, I was actually kind of relieved that it wasn't going to be the best BRA EVER. Because, I would be broke. So, great idea, but not good enough execution.

Which brings us to my own personal wish list for women's sports bras.

Here is my issue. In the summer, I will never go shirt less. Because..

Ain't nobody wanna see that.

BUT, I would like to wear the LEAST amount of clothing necessary. And the "bra tanks" that are made don't have enough support for me. So, why hasn't someone designed a convertible sports bra? Convertible in the sense that the top is the regular sports bra that you wear everyday, but it has a detachable bottom that goes with it. So, like, Moving Comfort could make the Rebound Racer Bra and then just design a bottom to it that can be attached with snaps or velcro or whatever. The idea being that I'm not wearing a sports bra and then another top on top of that. But, I'm still getting the support I need and the modesty I want. And, since the bottom is detachable, I can wear the sports bra year round.

 My rendering.

WHY HASN'T ANY ONE DONE THIS? In general, why has the fabric of athletic wear changed so much, but not the actual design??? So frustrating.

MOVING COMFORT call me. I have lots of ideas (just don't ask me to draw them).


Carina said...

SUCH a good idea! They'd just have to be very careful that the attachment device was not associated with any pain (so I'd veto the velcro idea, I can just imagine there'd be a tiny little patch of the soft velcro side that would catch my muffin top, or the spiky velcro side would catch my arm or something).

Gracie said...

Oh, the thoughts I've had about sports bras. The worst design I've seen has the tag in the middle, between your boobs - chafe city. Maybe if the shirt part attached above the band your design would work - like, it would fit like a babydoll top, but the attachment wouldn't be against your skin where it could bother you.

Pandora Viltis said...

I love your idea. The closest I've come is wearing a mesh tank over the running bra. Your idea is even better.

Jimmy Johns said...

I definitely need to organize the baseball/basketball/bicycle gear Rugby Balls in NZ in our garage.