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Friday, October 24, 2014

Race Report: Rock N Road Relay Marathon

Bitch Pose.

After placing the previous two years of the relay, The Run Bitches team was pretty goddamn cocky about making it a 3peat. We had amped ourselves up to go under 4 hours and I spent more time than I would like to admit stalking our competitors previous race times on Athlinks. Yahhhhh. I'm kinda sad and pathetic sometimes.
We also sprung to update our Bitches wardrobe with long sleeve tshirts that we could wear while warming up, cooling down, and for general bitch strutting. The shirts:

 The front (minus the box around bitches).
 The back (except in white with purple writing).

Are we fucking obnoxious or WHAT?????

Anyway, things went just fine... except, we didn't break 4 hours and uhhh... we didn't place. BUT, I take at least 75% of the blame for both... because, yeah... STILL NOT IN SHAPE YET. Le sigh.

But, despite the results, we had an absolute blast and we still all ran our asses off.

This is quite possibly the fastest I've ever looked.

Serious handoff.
Nevermind the fact that I dropped the fucking timing
thing about 10 yards later.

This is what happened between legs. 
Also, I dunno who that bitch is standing and SMILING 
for the camera. We don't know you.

Cheryl always gets the short end of the stick and has to run the 
LAST LEG of the race, which means starting running around
11:15. By that time, Coach and I 
have already drank 4 shots of whiskey and about
2 pounds of popcorn.

 But, at least she gets to crank through the finish line.
While we are standing around after already hitting up the
food line AND the beer tent at the finish line. 

Melissa obliterated my old leg.
Oh wait, we're on the same team. 
GOOD JOB, bitch.

Cheryl had ran through the finish line about 25 seconds
before this photo was taken.
And she had already taken a swig of whiskey.
Bitches rule.

As an added Bonus, The KoB ran with the first
3 of us during our whole legs. 

 And the other SOB actually ran the whole race himself.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day and even though the bitches left empty handed, it was still a blast and a highlight of the fall racing calendar. I think we have all decided to make this a goal race next year, so watch out, crackwhores... 2015 The Run Bitches are getting back onto that podium.


Cheryl said...

Even though we got beaten by a couple of other teams, I take solace in the fact that the other teams consisted of waaaaaaay younger women (just wait Amy, you will one day be using this as an excuse yourself when you reach our old hag age), it was a beautiful day, and the bitches got to hang out together! Oh, and there was whiskey :)

Gracie said...

You're really making me want to form a racing team. You guys have so much fun. But I'd fo sho be the ball and chain.
Poor Cheryl.