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Friday, September 5, 2014

Your Weekly Non-Running Post

So, last Thursday, Mr. Bloom and I both had appointments to get groomed.

Where he went from this shaggy, hairy mess of a dog:


To this:

Who is this adorable young pup?

I barely recognized him. It's ridiculous how out of hand I let his coat get. 

And my before and afters kinda suck, because I somehow got one of those amazing well-lit before shots and then the after looks like crap. But, I assure you... my after in person looks MUCH better.

So, yeah, of course, the before has to be the
best my hair as EVER looked.

After. I got highlights and a trim!
First time EVER getting my hair highlighted.
To be completely honest, I can barely tell that there are highlights even there. Which for a first timer, is a good thing. Eventually, I might try to go a little lighter. Baby steps.
I've had a really busy, crappy, stressful week. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm overdramatizing my stress and in turn making my life more miserable than it has to be. I'm an accountant for chrissakes! I'm not performing life saving procedures here. Things can WAIT. Well... some things... I guess the IRS is pretty firm on their deadlines. 

Ever take a BOX of work home for the night?
I did on Wednesday night.

I have a bad habit of getting overwhelmed easily and spending too much time freaking out, instead of just coming up with an attack plan to get after things. That's something I'm going to try to work on. This also applies to my running. I get overwhelmed when I get behind in my weekly schedule, and instead I should just just forget about it and MOVE ON. 

Happy Friday, folks!


Coach Bitch said...

TOTES awesome hair, bitch!!! And those watermelon cats... there are no words.

Gracie said...

Actually, your hair looks really pretty in both pictures. Great body and movement.

Melanie said...

I LOVE the highlights! I was a color virgin until about 2 years ago when I finally started doing some highlights (in an effort to hide that I was getting more grey hair!) I've gradually gotten to where in the summer I go a good bit lighter. It's like once you warm up to it, you start doing a bit more each time because you can always change it up the next time again!